ReadyCloud™ is a new service from PS WebSolution, but not a new concept. Since version 2 of our SmartForms solutions, we’ve included ways to avoid customizing by utilizing our UserExit and SmartRules technology which allows us to deliver application logic and validations, but without PeopleCode or customization’s. We’ve now taken those same tools and our 20+ years of experience and enhanced them to work with ANY PeopleSoft system and packaged it to create our ReadyCloud Package Service.

This service now has proven case studies showing success at converting from 80% to 95% of a customer’s customization’s to ‘enhancements’ using our online tools and Event Mapping. We define an ‘enhancement’ as customer logic not delivered with PeopleSoft, but that doesn’t impact vanilla PeopleSoft. We then help automate testing of updates by creating PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) testing scripts, thus greatly reducing the time required to test new updates. Together, updates take weeks, not months!

Let PS WebSolution help you become vanilla again while still keeping your enhancements (formally known as customization’s) with ReadyCloud. Click or call for additional information.

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