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Cleaning House – Let’s Start with Address Data

We all want to have clean data in our HCM systems. Bad data in, means bad decisions; but often times the most overlooked ‘simple’ data that can be just as important as payroll and job data is employee and work addresses. In HCM, address data is not only used to mail things, it’s also used to identify and assign tax codes to employees as well as determine which benefits plans are available to employees. If the address is invalid, or full of typos (which happens in Employee Self-Service or when Administrators try to transcribed handwritten forms), it can be difficult to get these downstream processes setup correctly. As delivered, PeopleSoft does not have any delivered functionality or integrations to validate address data.

To help resolve these issues, we’ve integrated our SmartTax TaxSync server with the US Postal Service address validation API as well as formatting logic so that address data will be uniform (i.e. Not in ALL CAPS). This ensures that all address data is validated and corrected as it’s entered and saved into PeopleSoft, thus allowing SmartTax and WorkSync to assign accurate state and local tax codes to employees. SmartTax even includes Address validation in batch so customers can review all their address data when loaded via feeds (SQR, REST) that wouldn’t kick-off any PeopleCode validations.

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