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Oracle|PeopleSoft Self-Service and process automation applications are becoming more and more important in reducing your bottom line. Efficiency and reduced costs are required to remain competitive in today’s economy. Style, elegance and simplicity matter, but so does functionality. With PS WebSolution Smart Solutions, you get it all. That’s why more and more companies, universities, and government organizations are relying on PS WebSolution Smart Package Solutions. Establish a closer relationship with your employees, managers, and customers – automate many of the core HR functions using PS WebSolution and realize a tangible and rapid Return on Investment that continues to reap benefits well into the future.

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Proven Experience

Simplified Peoplesoft Solutions

PS WebSolution is a proven leader in PeopleSoft process automation and technology. Our associates have over 20 years of PeopleSoft experience and a satisfied, global customer list to prove it.

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Rapid Implementation

Simple and Elegant Design

All PS WebSolution SmartForms have been designed from the ground up to be simple and elegant, but without sacrificing functionality and to be 100% configurable, which allows us to implement in weeks, not months.

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Improve Your ROI

Outrageous Customer Service

Our success is measured by the strength of our ideas and our ability to make them real. We have always understood that translating our technical strengths into business value requires more than "dedication" or "expertise". It requires a dynamic, adaptive culture and individuals who thrive on understanding and creating meaningful solutions for our customers.

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  • Testimonial
    PeopleSoft HCM provides a robust and efficient solution for HR processing. Properly designing, implementing, and enabling this system can allow companies to engage and nurture their employees and critical processes. Neglecting these systems can result in a loss of your competitive edge and a decrease of employee moral or even fines, lawsuits, and unnecessary costs.
    Tyger VollrathFounder and COO, PS WebSolution
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