Package Solutions

Configuration, NOT Implementation

PS WebSolution delivers a comprehensive list of solutions and services for PeopleSoft designed to help companies collaborate and succeed. Learn how PS WebSolution Process Automation Solutions can help you reduce your bottom line.

PS WebSolution delivers “Plug-in” Package Applications or SmartForms. All PS WebSolution enhancements and applications seamlessly integrate with existing PeopleSoft technology and PeopleSoft applications. Written in PeopleTools, these applications extend to your users the features necessary to facilitate usability and user acceptance while leveraging your existing investment in PeopleSoft and training.

PS WebSolution Package Solutions use metadata to configure business rules, navigation, and presentation information in setup (CAM) tables that can be managed by functional users, allowing them to change how the application is utilized with little or no developer intervention. Our Package Solutions can be installed and setup on any PeopleSoft-based application in a matter of days using our delivered Upgrade Assistant scripts. They provide “plug-in” functionality to the PeopleSoft HCM system; usually without having to alter any core PeopleSoft objects, thus minimizing potential upgrade issues. One of our core missions is to utilize Configuration, NOT Implementation, thus allowing for much quicker projects and future flexibility.

Provide your employees the full collaborative experience with features that seamlessly integrate with your PeopleSoft HCM® system. Decrease the HR department’s operating expenses by reducing data entry and administrative maintenance while increasing data accuracy, timeliness and employee retention.

Employee Self-Service

PS WebSolution provides solutions to realize the full ROI of your Employee Self-Service.

  • Want to enable employees the ability update their Federal, State & Local W-4 Tax information using municipality forms while following all federal, state and local guidelines?
  • Need to on-board employees using a paperless system that is fully integrated into PeopleSoft with real-time data updates and fully integrated to the EVerify system?

Manager & HR Administrator SmartForms

Manager and Administrator processes, by nature, can be extremely complex and confusing for users and can require additional features and configurability to allow a manager to easily navigate them successfully. After implementing numerous PeopleSoft manager projects, we noticed a trend of user push back to using the delivered PeopleSoft online manager self-service. HR departments were also struggling with inaccurate or orphaned data and in some cases, as much manual data entry as before the manager applications were implemented. These shortcomings were the inspiration for PS WebSolution to develop a new suite of manager & HR Administrator SmartForms. This suite of processes and applications integrate to allow managers and/or administrators to easily perform their changes with ease and less work for the HR department. The PS WebSolution SmartForms Package Solution is a complete transaction system, from originator/administrator applications and tools, workflow, support tools and metric reporting.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for all transactions, with guided Q&A wizards.
  • Replace paper forms (PAF) with configurable online forms while retaining your PeopleSoft business rules.
  • Fully integrated into Position Management and recruiting systems. Allow Managers to create and update position data directly.
  • Empower users and gain efficiencies via electronic workflow approvals.
  • Avoid customizing your PeopleSoft system to achieve lower total cost of ownership and process efficiencies.
  • Allow HR Administrator to use self-service functionality that includes workflow and full audits.
  • Additional Manager/Administrator SmartForms include Additional Pay, Manager Reports, Job Code Request, Department Budget/Retro Funding, Manager Maintenance and all guided using our built-in Transaction Wizards.

Work Flow

Workflow is a very powerful feature, however when overused, it can cripple an organization in online red tape and additional responsibility. PS WebSolution has the expertise to help customers successfully design their business processes using workflow. To facilitate limitations with PeopleSoft workflow, PS WebSolution developed plug-in applications that allow users to review and act on transactions quickly and effortlessly.


PS WebSolution developed the Blackout application to allow PeopleSoft administrators to control access to any PeopleSoft page or application without having to shut down the entire system during Payroll or Benefit processing. The Blackout application can be setup via a CAM page and allow administrators to disable groups of applications during blackout periods.

We’ve also introduced the SmartRules Engine. An online PeopleCode application that allows casual users to add PeopleCode to ANY PeopleSoft component without training or PeopleTools. It’s what PS Query is to SQL, but for PeopleCode.

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