Company Core Values and Fundamentals

PS WebSolution, Inc. is a leading business and technology consultancy firm and provides PeopleSoft Services and Solutions ranging from the planning stages through to post implementation support services. We help customers achieve business results using Package Applications and Package Service Solutions.

We specialize in PeopleSoft self-service and portal applications as well as PeopleSoft technical upgrades. Many of our consultants were the original designers and developers of the PeopleSoft self-service applications in versions 6, 7, 7.5 and 8 and we have extensive experience with GSS in PeopleSoft 9.2.

In the technology business, you’ll hear the “most comprehensive customer services” claim from every vendor. You’ll also hear the same story from PS WebSolution – with one major difference. We deliver what we promise and it starts with our People. Our consultants are leaders in the PeopleSoft HR field and possess a reputation for exceeding customer expectations and providing ‘Outrageous Customer Service’. Each PS WebSolution consultant is PeopleSoft trained and certified. Our services and solutions are designed to maximize your investment in technology and people.

The philosophy that sparked PS WebSolution and continues to support our long-term commitment with our customers is simple yet innovative: deliver Packaged business and technology solutions that result in high-value, explicit business results.

- Our Philosophy

The PS WebSolution Story

PS WebSolution’s follows a new approach to customer service in the consulting industry. In the past, customers were highly (and legitimately) dissatisfied, as more and more projects came in substantially over budget, well past their deadline, completely out of sync with business needs, or all of the above. Simply put, commit up front to the cost and time frame of projects, and then stake your reputation on delivery. We’re willing to bet our profit on successful delivery because we have historically delivered on that bet. While the majority of consulting is based on time-and-materials, we are known for providing the majority of our work on a fixed-price basis. This means we have no incentive to let schedules slide and every incentive to reveal total costs.

Values – Provide “Outrageous Customer Service”

PS WebSolution has been measured by the strength of our ideas and our ability to make them real. We have always understood that translating our technical strengths into business value requires more than “dedication” or “expertise”. It requires a dynamic, adaptive culture and individuals who thrive on understanding and creating meaningful solutions for our customers.

We’ve built, and come to rely on, a culture based on Providing “Outrageous Customer Service”. Those values have become increasingly important to us and to our customers. They attest to what really matters: engaging productively with ideas and one another to create business value. And they translate into actions that deliver for our customers.

Rapid Development

From the beginning, we understood that initiatives were failing not because of the technology itself: They were failing because technology can only succeed when it serves clear business objectives and is designed with real people in mind. And we knew that deployment needed to be fast, because once specific outcomes are targeted, implementation becomes the major priority. We know that reducing costs and speeding time to production are essential considerations for our clients.

PeopleSoft® Know-How

Using technology to deliver specific business outcomes also calls for deep knowledge of PeopleSoft® applications and technology. All our PeopleSoft consultants are seasoned veterans with at least 17 years of PeopleSoft® implementation experience.

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