PS WebSolution Blackout

Allowing employees, managers and HR users to update PeopleSoft 24/7 is a great cost savings, however, it can impact regular application processes such as payroll and benefits in HR or close-out periods in Financials. With PS WebSolution’s Blackout application, any component application in PeopleSoft (Self-Service, Job Data, Benefits, Invoice, etc) can be automatically setup to become display-only or redirected for specific groups only during these
important processing times without turning off all applications.

blackoutBlackout CAM Pages

The Blackout Application page allows application criteria to be dynamically defined by record and field. The Blackout Configuration and Administration Module Page allows administrators (not DBA’s) to pre-configure or manually setup the Blackout process by application, paygroup and time zone or pay-run ID.

Blackout Message

Each display message can be customized in the Blackout CAM per application.



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