PS WebSolution SmartWizard

A simple, fully configurable process automation solution to ‘Wizardize’ ANY PeopleSoft process or transaction?

The PS WebSolution SmartForm solution has been the primary application to complete wizard based form transactions for almost 20 years. The advancements we’ve achieved within the SmartForms solution has allowed PS WebSolution to introduce the next level of innovation. The new SmartWizard solution brings user friendly, wizard based transactions to ANY PeopleSoft process, not just core application transactions. And it’s all done via online configuration. It’s Turbo Tax, but for PeopleSoft!

Why is the SmartWizard a difference maker? When it comes to inputting online data, the two most common methods are forms and wizards. The electronic form is a direct descendant of the paper form: a page with empty fields that the user needs to fill in. The wizard is an application that takes the user through a sequence of simple questions and responses in a dynamic path, since the content may change based on the previous responses or data entered. As the user selects each path, the SmartWizard computes the appropriate next step for that user and routes them accordingly. Wizards thus often have some branching logic behind the scenes, but the perceived user experience is that of a linear flow: one screen after another, and all the user has to do is to click “next.” (Or “back,” or “cancel,” but mainly the user keeps moving forward).  Because the SmartWizard is able to split a complex process into multiple steps, the overall usability is much more intuitive and thus simpler — they contain fewer fields and overall less information.

SmartWizard_Dept Chart Field

Page simplicity has several important benefits:

  • Users end up being less overwhelmed by the process. A long form is often daunting and users may overestimate the amount of work involved in filling it.
  • Less cognitive effort is spent in completing the process. Much of the information in a form may end up being irrelevant, yet people will have to spend time to scan it and eventually filter it out. With a wizard, the fields displayed depend on users’ previous input and have better chances of actually being important and not just a distraction.
  • Users make fewer mistakes. With an overly complex form, users may ignore certain parts and be more likely to cause form-submission errors. Or, they may miss something that is relevant for them.
  • More screen real estate is available for each step. When a complex process is split into simpler steps and each step gets a separate page, there is simply more space for each of the controls in a step. Targets can be bigger and less crowded, information may fit on a single screen (so no scrolling will be necessary), and explanations may be displayed next to the fields.

Walk users through and simple or complex process via the question and answer configuration. Break complex forms or data entry into user friendly pieces while still maintaining data integrity and data validations.

Major Features

  • Users will access the tool via online access to PeopleSoft. The SmartWizard is 100% PeopleTools based tool.
  • Transactions will be executed entirely online: initiation, approvals, notifications, and transaction and audit reporting will all be available from within PeopleSoft.
  • Business rules are incorporated into the transactions via the online SmartRules PeopleCode Engine, built-in logic exit points (PSWUserExits) and system configuration.
  • The User interface is consistent across the enterprise but can also be changed to not look like PeopleSoft (if required).
  • Users can track the progress of their current transactions as well as view historical transactions they have executed.
  • Fully integrated with PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE).

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