Direct Retro Funding SmartForm

Direct Budget and Direct Retro Funding

Clients that have a significant amount of grant funding will usually process a high volume of transactions in PeopleSoft HCM Commitment Accounting module either to set up funding for Payroll Expenses and Encumbrances or for Retroactive Salary Funding Transfers. Funding for Payroll expenses can be set up using multiple levels and budgeting for all expenses, including earnings, taxes and deductions on delivered pages is complicated and can be intimidating for a user especially those who aren’t’ often required to do so. As a result, this function is generally a centralized function within an organization.

PS WebSolution recognizes that the department managers are generally the people that know what funding sources to use and have eliminated the need for departments to fill out spreadsheets that are then sent to finance to update core budget tables. Our Direct Budget Funding and Direct Retro Funding pages eliminate this duplication and provide on-line transactions and approvals for setup and maintaining budget funding.

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