WorkSync for SmartTax W-4 with SmartWizard

Now Available Q4 2023: WorkSync v4.01 

Automated Tax Location Codes For Work Location Taxes

The WorkSync module automates the maintenance of employee Tax Location Code functionality in PeopleSoft.
As more and more employees begin to telecommute or work from home, companies have struggled to maintain accurate work tax functionality, especially if the remote location requires locality tax configuration. States have become more aggressive in tracking remote employees and have increased audits to ensure those employees that work in their jurisdiction are paying their share of work related state and local taxes.

The WorkSync module builds on the infrastructure within the TaxSync API, but applies rules and validations for work location taxes. Existing Tax Location Code configuration can be validated as well as to automatically create new Tax Location Codes based on new work or work@home addresses.

Local Income Tax Codes Are Automatically Applied

Local taxes require employers to setup the correct local taxes for the employee’s resident and work locations to remain compliant. Local Earned Income Taxes (EIT) are required in the following complex tax states:


Employee & Administrator Work Location Claiming

The WorkSync module also includes a user-friendly, wizard based employee and administrator self-service application to allow users to declare their work locations or work@home address along with work location percentages. Transactions are then submitted via the AWE for approvals.  The module will then determine if the employee’s work address requires a new Tax Location Code or if an existing code can be matched. If a new Tax Location Code is required, it will automatically be created and assigned to the employee in their job data profile. The application will then update PeopleSoft tax distribution and tax data appropriately as well as personal data if the home address is changed.

WorkSync Location Claiming ESS

WorkSync Employee & Manager Work Location Claiming Self-Service with AWE Approvals

Now Supports Hourly Employee Tax Distribution for Multi-State Work Locations

The WorkSync now supports the ability to have tax distributions for hourly employees that work in multiple states in PeopleSoft Tax Distribution.

WorkSync Features

  • Automation of Tax Location code maintenance via Cloud REST API integration with state and USPS sites.
  • Address verification integration with USPS.
  • Integration with various state sites for real-time tax locality information and confirmation.
  • Integration with Personal Data, Position Data, Job Data, Tax Data, and Tax Distribution.
  • Automatically create new Tax Location Codes and assign locality codes.
  • Audit and compliance reporting.
  • Wizard based Employee, Manager and Administrator self-service work location(s) and work@home claiming application with AWE approvals.
  • Automate the creation and locality assignments to your tax location codes using the WorkSync API.
  • Integration with PeopleSoft Remote/Tele-worker functionality data which includes Kibana visuals.

Fully Configurable

The PS WebSolution WorkSync module is fully configurable using the Configuration and Administration module (CAM).

Configuration Features

  • Built on the Configuration and Administration Module (CAM).
  • Developed with PeopleSoft PeopleTools so it’s completely integrated with your existing PeopleSoft system.
  • Embedded user exits that allow customers to add specific functionality they require that won’t impact future upgrades, thus making the application easier to maintain and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Improve accuracy and timeliness of setting up employee work tax locations while also reducing data entry errors. Real-time data validations and configurable business rules for automated local tax assignments.

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