SmartTax W-4

TaxSync Architecture

Federal, State and Local Withholding Forms

Now Available: WorkSync v4.01 – Remote Worker & Work Tax Automation with SmartWizard

Empower your employees to update their own Federal, State and Local W-4 Tax information while processing all required form validations and business rules via Employee & Applicant Self-Service on any device, all without PDF. Integrated with PeopleSoft Address Change with address verification services, all employee Federal, State and Local W-4 information can now be paperless, automated and accessed via self-service on any device, freeing the payroll department to perform other functions (like getting people paid). Now with TaxSync, Automated local taxes with address verification.

Reduce or Eliminate Paper
and Manual Employee Tax Updates

Reduce or eliminate employee tax paperwork, paper record retention and manual maintenance and updates to PeopleSoft employee tax setup. The PS WebSolution SmartTax W-4 provides versatility to Employee Self-Service through configurable modules that enable employees to process updates to their employee record through a single transaction. Each withholding form includes validations to ensure data is correct, including lock-in letter validations. SmartTax W-4 also easily integrates with most on-boarding or pre-boarding solutions so your candidates and new hires can utilize the full tax automation features.

TaxSync – Automated Local Tax Solution

The TaxSync API Engine allows the SmartTax application to automate and auto-apply the assignment of an employee’s state and local tax codes based on their work and resident addresses. Address verification features validate and correct employee address data before local tax codes are automatically assigned to the employee in tax data; which is especially useful in those complex locality based tax states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Michigan.

For employees that live in one state and work in another, SmartTax W-4 automatically provides employees the correct state and local withholding forms, including reciprocity forms so employees can avoid being taxed twice.

Now Available: WorkSync – Work Location Tax Automation

The WorkSync API Engine allows the automation and assignment of an employee’s work location tax data. With an employee self-service feature for self reporting of work@home location and Tax Location code configuration and maintenance, the WorkSync module allows PeopleSoft customers to fully automate their resident and work location tax setup.


It is estimated that the average cost to print a federal, state or local tax form, have the candidate or employee complete it, forward to payroll for validation and data entry into PeopleSoft while also retaining all paper versions for audit purposes can cost in excess of $39 for EACH new state/local form update*. With PS WebSolution SmartTax W-4 SmartForm with TaxSync, the cost is less than $2.00 a year for each candidate/employee, regardless of the number of federal/state/local form changes made. Allow your employees to make unlimited form updates without additional cost.


  • The PS WebSolution  SmartTax W-4 with TaxSync solution ensures employees use the correct federal/state/local forms and validates data entry for accurate, real-time updates to PeopleSoft.
  • All W-4 forms and employee data is presented in real-time for any device. No batch processing required and no PDF files to download so it works on ANY browser based device, including mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • All federal, state and local forms are embedded, including forms for states that have multiple tax forms such as military spouse or non-resident exemption. In all, over 110 state forms and 2,500+ localities are supported. PeopleSoft business rules and line level data validation will occur in real-time and are setup in the application configuration module (CAM).
  • Developed with PeopleSoft PeopleTools so it’s completely integrated with your existing PeopleSoft system.
  • Embedded user exits that allow customers to add specific functionality they require that won’t impact future upgrades, thus making the application easier to maintain and reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Electronic Signature and full audit capability, including functionality for re-printing of submitted forms for federal, state and local auditors. No more file cabinet retention required!
  • Federal/State/local form updates and application upgrades included.
  • Closely integrated with the PS WebSolution Blackout tool to block updates to the system during specific times (e.g. during payroll processing) and various OnBoarding solutions for seamless process flow for new hires.

Fully Configurable

The PS WebSolution SmartTax W-4 and TaxSync Cloud API are fully configurable using the Configuration and Administration module (CAM). All federal, state and local forms are configured using the CAM along with any corresponding URL’s, Help links, images and text messages. This flexibility allows the PS WebSolution tool the ability to recreate almost any state or locality W-4 form and include specific business rules, help/hint text and features such as online chat.

Improves accuracy and timeliness of on-boarding and maintenance of employee payroll tax forms while also reducing data entry errors. Real-time data validations and configurable business rules along with automated local tax assignments.
Minimize expenses related to paper, printing and physical storage Reduces tedious, manual processes into a few easy online steps. Reduces Payroll labor costs to manually enter form data into PeopleSoft Decreases compliance costs since all forms can be retrieved and recreated instantly with administrator features.
Streamlines processes and increases internal efficiencies by allowing for the reassignment of HR/Payroll staff to core business functions. Provides faster, more efficient distribution and storage of tax withholding forms.

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