Address Verification Service for PeopleSoft

Address validation is the process of checking an address for inaccuracies and fixing any problems when compared to a trusted source (i.e. US Postal Service) and is often overlooked when users think of valid data in their enterprise systems. With address validation functionality, an incorrect address —whether it’s due to incomplete or incorrect data or improper formatting—the system suggests a proper address to fix any mistakes or formatting.

PS WebSolution SmartAddress is a pre-packaged subscription service that can be implemented in ANY PeopleSoft environment (HCM, FIN, SCM, CS) in hours with almost no customizations to delivered PeopleSoft when utilizing Event Mapping.

SmartAddress utilizes the PeopleSoft Integration Broker to integrate with the USPS address data.

Address data in HCM / Campus Solutions

  • Benefits Administration which uses address to determine benefits eligibility.
  • Mailings to employees/retirees
  • Tax Data (especially in remote worker world we live in now)
  • In CS – Student address for mail or emergency management

In Financials

  • Customer addresses
  • Company setup and configuration

In Supply Chain

  • Customer addresses
  • Improper customer data setup
  • Incorrect mailing

Benefits of Accurate Address Data

  • Improve the employee or customer experience
  • Accurate data
  • For example, incorrect address in HCM could cause withholding taxes or incorrect benefit packages to assigned to an employee
  • Standardization & Formatting
  • Like formatting (All caps vs. lower case vs. mixed case)
  • For mailing addresses, have more timely deliver times with and fewer mail returns
  • Allows for better data analysis (state, region, etc.) to better understand where you customers or employees are.

Having your PeopleSoft system with of clean, up-to-date addresses information is important for your business. On-time, accurate deliveries and services not only help you save time and money, but also give your employees and customers a better experience.

  • Implementation of SmartAddress can be completed in a day
  • Subscription based service
  • Configuration CAM to meet you specific address data requirements (extended zip, on/off by component, address over-ride)
  • In most cases, no PeopleSoft customizations are required when utilizing event mapping
  • Online  (real-time) and batch services
  • Secure, token based HTTPS with no PII

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